World English Bible
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Old Testament

    Genesis     Exodus     Leviticus     Numbers
    Deuteronomy     Joshua     Judges     Ruth
    1 Samuel     2 Samuel      1 Kings     2 Kings
    1 Chronicles     2 Chronicles     Ezra     Nehemiah
    Esther     Job     Psalms 1-75     Psalms 76-150
    Proverbs     Ecclesiastes     Song of Solomon     Isaiah
    Jeremiah     Lamentations     Ezekiel     Daniel
    Hosea     Joel     Amos     Obadiah
    Jonah     Micah     Nahum     Habakkuk
    Zephaniah     Haggai     Zechariah     Malachi

New Testament

    Matthew     Mark     Luke     John
    Acts     Romans     1 Corinthians     2 Corinthians
    Galatians     Ephesians     Philippians     Colossians
    1 Thessalonians     2 Thessalonians     1 Timothy     2 Timothy
    Titus     Philemon     Hebrews      James
    1 Peter     2 Peter     1 John     2 John
    3 John     Jude     Revelation         


This is an index page for the World English Bible in mp3 audio format. There are individual chapter files for each book. To listen to these files you must have mp3 player software installed on your device.

Each book has a directory where the chapter files are located. Click on in the above menu to listen to the whole book. Click on after starting the sound, to read along as you listen. To find a verse in a chapter, use the search facility of your browser and type Chapter:Verse (Find 1:12 goes to chapter 1, verse 12).

Click on the name of the book to view the mp3 files of that book. You can click on an individual chapter file to listen to that chapter, and your mp3 player should begin to play it. Use the Back arrow on your browser to return to this menu. Each book directory also has a playlist .m3u file that will play all the chapters in order. The .m3u file is activated when you click on the links above. The .m3u file has the range of chapters in the file name. Example: _Mark1-16.m3u

Depending on the features of your mp3 player, you can adjust the volume and other things. You can download the mp3 files to your device so they can be played locally. Most mp3 players will play the chapters in order if you keep the .m3u playlist file for a book in the same directory as the book’s chapter files.

The World English Bible is in the public domain and the producer of these audio recordings allows them to be copied, so you may make and give away copies of these Bible audio files.

When the audio recordings were made, the WEB revision was not yet complete. For this reason you will notice slight differences between the audio reading and the written text.

These audio recordings were originally published and made available by We have no relationship with the publishers of that site, but we commend them highly for making the Scriptures available in this way!

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